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Three Tips to Consider When Preparing for a Divorce

  1. Consult with an Attorney

You should meet with an attorney before filing any divorce petition. Meeting with an attorney will allow you to understand how much it’s going to cost to have a retained attorney represent you, how much it may cost to distribute your assets, manage your expectations, and help you strategically plan out your divorce.

2. Save Money

Both contested and uncontested divorces can be expensive. There will be many unexpected expenses that you should be prepared for. For example, you and your partner will likely need to live separately for a certain period of time before you get divorced. This may mean that you have to budget for paying your current rent/mortgage, as well as the cost of moving into a new place. Additionally, if you and your partner have assets, property, multiple streams of income, or children, you can expect a lengthy portion of the divorce proceedings to be focused on those issues as complex as they may be. You may have to pay for court ordered mediation, parenting classes, a home appraisal, or to refinance your home or car. Often, this can result in many hearings and even a trial that can last multiple days. In contested divorces, most lawyers bill by the hour for their services and the bill can accumulate very fast.

3. Be Honest

In a divorce proceeding, you may be tempted to mislead your attorney regarding certain aspects of your life. You should always be honest with your attorney regardless of how complicated or embarrassing you think your situation might be. Something to consider is that if you were married to someone, most times they know you better than anyone else. They know your finances and your habits. A contested divorce can, and will, get ugly. Therefore, you should expect your partner to use all of these things against you. You do not want your attorney to be blindsided by information or evidence that you should have shared from the beginning. Being honest puts your attorney in the best position to adequately advocate on your behalf.

The Amissah and Marsh Law Firm has respect for the sanctity of marriage. However, the reality is that people do get divorced. If you are in that position we will gladly represent you to the best of our abilities.

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